Video Poker In Online Casinos

The first variant of Video Poker was born around 1970, to make its way later also in Italian casinos. As simple as slot machines, it has nothing but a few useful rules, although some variants, in particular, require a few more sports betting. But don’t worry, you won’t need to spend the weekend on the books to have fun playing Video Poker victory996 casino Malaysia!

How to Play Video Poker – The Rules

Although the formidable slot graphics cannot be expected, Video poker also has its advantages, which all lie on the side of simplicity that this game brings. It is based on the rules of Poker, but to play, it will be enough; in this case, to make a couple of decisions press a few buttons, and you’re done!

After betting the established amount, with a minimum bet of around € 0.05-0.10, and having received 5 cards, you will have to decide which ones to hold and which to discard in order for your hand to be a winner. Once this is done, you will have to wait for the outcome of the hand and, if you have won, receive your prize.

Variants of Video poker

The most common variant of Video Poker is undoubtedly represented by ” Jacks or Better, “in which the player gets a lucky hand starting from a pair of Jacks. Some variations of this game have a pair of 10 as the minimum winning combination, and in this case, the game is called “Tens or Better.”

To these simpler Video Poker games, there are others in which it is possible to find so-called “wild ” or ” wild ” symbols. Think for example of Deuces Wild, in which the cards with the symbol 2 can be considered as any other card, exactly like wild symbols. The payout in this variant is lower because obviously the chances of winning become higher. Another variant of Video Poker with wild symbols is the “Joker Wild, “in which Jack represents the joker.

Video Poker can also offer the chance to choose the number of hands to play per game, from 1 up. And this possibility exists for every variant considered, from Jacks or Better to Joker Wild.

Some Video Poker games allow you to double your winnings. If you have a winning hand, you can decide to try and double the amount you win by playing again. But be careful, because if the dealer wins, you will also lose the first sum.

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