Keno Casino Game – How to Play, Tips, and Rules to follow?

A game that really anyone can play, since it does not require special skills, online Keno differs from the live one because it is much faster in its rhythms. It can be played both by the browser and by specific software that can be installed to have better gaming experience.

Although it is not famous and widespread as more classic games, such as Blackjack and Roulette, it is very similar to bingo and lotteries, so it still finds a certain group of fans also in Italy.

This Chinese bingo has slowly made its way, among other more classic casino games, to appear on several Italian gambling sites today. It is said that the profits from Keno financed the construction of the Great Wall!

Like all casino games, Keno first spread to land-based casinos, but today it is also possible to play in the comfort of your own home, or in any case from your smartphone or tablet.

Keno rules

To play Keno, you don’t need the skills of a Poker player, and we don’t have as many types of bets as in Roulette, yet online Keno lovers exist, and they are numerous! The reasons are obvious, since it is a simple, fast game in the online version and therefore a valid pastime in the evening at home after working or in leisure time in general.

After logging into your gaming account, you select the game of Keno and choose a card, and the numbers that you think maybe the lucky ones. After drawing the winning numbers, it will be determined whether and how much you have won.

The numbers on which you bet are called “spots” or ” boxes,” and the cards played take their name from them. For example, if you decide to play 2 numbers, the card will be called “two-spots.” The more numbers you play, the less chance you have of winning, but the total you could win in that case is higher. Some online casinos offer the ability to play up to 20 numbers, and others up to 40, although the average is around 10-15 numbers.

The cards of the Keno game take different names depending on the bets you prefer by betting on your numbers, ranging from 1 to 80.

Tips for playing Keno

Some online casinos offer the possibility to bet up to a total of 40 numbers, but be careful, because betting on more numbers does not mean having more chances of winning, but rather the opposite!

There is no real strategy to play Keno, as it is a game completely based on luck or on “chance if you prefer. Some prefer to bet on late numbers; others opt for favorites or for consecutive combinations, such as 10 and 11, 32, and 33. But, for the same quantity of numbers on which you bet, the chances of a number being the winning one are the same for any of these, from 1 to 80.

A council that we feel we can give is to always check the pay table of your casino preference because each adopts different, and obviously, it is cheaper to exploit what they give you the chance to win higher figures.

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